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Chimella inserted inside out….suprisingly failed!

Excellent customer service. I had a problem with my Chimella but in spite of the fact that it was 18months old (and totally my fault) Simon kindly replaced it free of charge. He also kindly explained what had happened and how it had been broken. A very thorough report and great to see a company that has so much pride in their product. Well done and thanks.
Chris H

Refreshingly great service and a fantastic product

Wonderful service , prompt delivery ( and thanks Simon for the demo ). Simon even drove to my house to fit the product free of charge and give me a one to one demonstration. An ingenious product which works superbly.
Simon told me that i proberbly would need to turn my heating down after fitting. Foolishly i douted him and after about an hour i turned the heating off!!!! it now comes on briefly for 10 min in the morning and them stays off all day.
i can’t recommend this company and product enough and all the best for the future.
Harold H

Water problems….sorted!!

Thank you Si for sending me a replacement Chimella, it was especially good of you as it was due to the chimney taking in water that damaged the first one and not a direct problem with your product. I have to say that it makes an amazing difference to the temperature in my house, I couldn’t recommend it more, far superior to the other ways I have previously tried, as it is so easy and clean to use especially folding up so neatly. I can’t remember the last time someone actually wanted to hear about a query I have had. It was a breath of fresh air to have someone listen sincerely and really want to help. Wishing you and the Chimella all the very best with the future, excellant product and excellant service.
Kind regards Stephanie

Service is Everything

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for being so accommodating and helpful regarding the Chimella. You have gone above and beyond and I am so grateful. I would like to leave some positive feedback on your website (and give your website details to our Manor Park Village community website as I am sure others could benefit from Chimellas!). I could not find a spot on your website where to submit feedback so I hope you are OK if I do it via this email?

Kind regards,

I would like to say what a fantastic product the Chimella is and what excellent customer service I have received. Simon was so helpful and even came to my house when it turned out I had ordered the wrong size Chimella and fitted a bigger one for me and also supplied a further one for another fireplace. I would heartily recommend and am telling all my friends that have chimmeys about this wonderful product.

Tracy A

Thank you SO MUCH

Thank you SO MUCH again for helping this morning. It’s fantastic that it’s all sorted.As promised, my review…

‘Brilliant customer service. Simon gave me advice on the phone and even came to my house to fit 2 chimellas. The products are great. A very happy customer – would definitely recommend’.

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